Reykjavik submission

The submission of Reykjavík as a UNESCO City of Literature was released in February 2011. It provides a detailed overview of Icelandic literature and literary life in Reykjavík.

The submission was written by Kristín Viðarsdóttir and Auður Rán Þorgeirsdóttir, in collaboration with various organisations and cultural institutions. A steering committee was formed, consisting of the following members: Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir (Reykjavík City Department of Culture and tourism, Committee Chair), Signý Pálsdóttir (Department of Culture and Tourism), Anna Torfadóttir (Reykjavík City Library), Auður Árný Stefánsdóttir (Reykjavík City Department of Education), Pétur Gunnarsson (Writers’ Union of Iceland), Rúnar Helgi Vignisson (University of Iceland, School of Humanities), Sigurður Svavarsson (Icelandic Publishers Association) and Þorgerður Agla Magnúsdóttir (Iceland Ministry of Education and Culture).

The submission can be read here: