Ready. Steady. Read!

A National Game of Reading

Let's Read

Allir lesa, or Ready. Steady. Read! is a national game of reading, organized by the Icelandic Literature Center and the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature. This is a month long reading game where people of all ages, throughout Iceland, form teams and read together for a month. Work colleagues, groups of friends, schoolmates, reading circles, city councils, parents and/or grandparents and children …. anyone and everyone can form a reading team and take part in the game. As of 2017, individuals can also enroll and compete with other individual readers.

Teams and individuals register on the website and record the time they spend reading for a month. The purpose is thus not to encourage people to go through books at a fast pace, this is all about enjoying a good read as much and as often as you can.  The first national game of reading took place in October-November 2014, but the game period was subsequently moved to January-February.

Allir lesa is not about how much you read, but rather how much time you spend reading. We encourage people to read at least a little each day, being read to by others also counts.

Teamwork or Solitary Work

The game has three leagues: a league of work teams, an open team league and a league for individuals. Each team league has subdivisions according to team size – teams can be as small as 3 members and as big as a school class. This is all about having fun with reading: enjoying good books in all genres, sharing reading experiences and reading together or alone – while challenging yourself and others to spend more time reading. Team members do not have to read the same books, although people are encouraged to share what they are reading with other team members as well as the wider society of readers.

All reading of books counts, whether fiction or non fiction, print, e-books or audio-books.

The teams that spend the most time reading are rewarded with books and other prizes as is the individual reader that spends most time reading.