Vera & Linus


Í bókinni eru 117 sögur eða smáprósar skrifaðir í samvinnu af Þórdísi og bandaríska skáldinu Jesse Ball. Bókin er á ensku.

Úr Vera & Linus:

In a small house there lived an old man among books and a cat. That house was old and ramshackle, but the man had been living there many years without even his wife who had passed away and left him all alone. He had no friends beside the cat, and did hardly leave the house except for buying food and other necessities. His time passed in reading.

One day when the old man opened the front door for checking the mailbox, a little box sat on the doorstep. He took it up and opened it to find eight pieces of chocholate. How astonished he was!

Back into the house he went, holding the box in his hands like a fragile treasure. And closed the doors.

This was Thursday.

A week later new-baked bread awaited him along with a fine can of tuna. The latter this man gave to the cat.

And from then on, a Thursday morning never came and went without the man finding a new treat on the doorstep, sometimes a parcel of food, sometimes an object. And sometimes a little poem or a story, written with peculiar handwriting that he could never recognize.


Linus picked Vera up.

He took her and plunged her head in water.

- Have a little death, he said. For I am to bake a pie tonight and there must be death in the house.