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Ármann Jakobsson


Ármann Jakobsson was born in Reykjavík on the 18th of July, 1970. He received his B.A. in Icelandic studies in 1993 from the Univeristy of Iceland and a dr.phil. in Icelandic literature from the University of Iceland in 2003. Ármann was a part-time teacher at the University of Iceland from 1999-2004, teacher of Icelandic at the Junior College of Reykjavík from 2002-2008 and has been professor in Old Icelandic literature at the University of Iceland since 2011.

Ármann was the director of the Icelandic Studies Society from 1999-2002, the director of the Icelandic Literature Institution of the University of Iceland from 2010-2014. He has been a board member of the Reykjavik Theatre Company since 2013 and The Icelandic Patriots' Society since 2014. He has had a seat on The Icelandic Literary Society's representive body since 2015 and been its vice president since 2017. He has also been on the executive committe of The Old Icelandic Text Society since 2015 and vice chairman of the Icelandic Language Committee since 2015.

Ármann has published many scholarly works. His first novel is Vonarstræti, published in 2008. He has since published other novels, detective stories, children's literature and anecdotes.