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Linda Vilhjálmsdóttir


Linda Vilhjálmsdóttir was born on June first, 1958 in Reykjavík. She is educated as a nurse assistant and works as such alongside her writings. Linda’s poetry has appeared in newspapers, magazines and collections since 1982, and her first book of poetry, Bláþráður (Blue Thread), was published in 1990. Since then she has published other books of poetry and her plays and poetry happenings have been staged in the Reykjavík City Theatre and The Café Theatre. Linda was one of seven young poets to participate in the poetry happening Fellibylurinn Gloría (Gloria the Hurricane), published on tape in 1985. Her poetry was exhibited in the Reykjavík Art Museum at Kjarvalsstaðir in April 1993. Linda sent forth her first prose book, Lygasaga (A Story of Lies) in 2003.

Linda was awarded the DV Cultural Prize for literature in 1993 for her book of poetry Klakabörnin (Ice Children). Her poetry has appeared in collections in Iceland and abroad.

Linda Vilhjálmsdóttir lives in Reykjavík.

Publisher: Mál og menning.

Author photo: The Reykjavík Museum of Photography.