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Stefán Máni


Stefán Máni was born in Reykjavík on June third, 1970. He grew up in the town of Ólafsvík in West Iceland, and lived there untill his early twenties. He completed primary school and has since gained a varied experince doing manual labour and working in the service industry. Stefán Máni has worked in the fishing industry, done construction work, carpentry, plumming and stonemasonry, gardening, he has been a night watchman, done cleaning work, bookbinding, as well as working with teenagers and in mental hospitals.

Stefán Máni’s first novel, Dyrnar á Svörtufjöllum (The Doors to Black Mountains) was published in 1996. He has since then put forth 13 novels, the latest being Nautið (The Bull) in 2015. In addition to this he has written a couple of young adult novels, Úlfshjarta (Wolf’s Heart) and Nóttin langa (The Long Night). A film adaptation of his 2004 novel Svartur á leik (Black’s Play) was released in 2012, directed by Óskar Thor Axelsson.

Stefán Máni is a three-time recepient of the Icelandic Crime Writer’s Award, Blóðdropinn, most recently in 2014 for the novel Grimmd (Cruelty). In 2008 the novel Skipið (The Ship) was nominated for The Glass Key, the Scandinavian Crime Writer’s Award, and the novel Svartur á leik was nominated for the same award in 2006. Skipið has been published in translations in Turkey, Italy, France, Denmark and Germany.

Stefán Máni lives in Reykjavík.

Publisher: JPV.