Frá ljósi til ljóss (From Light to Light)


Frá ljósi til ljóss (From Light to Light) is a novel by Vigdís Grímsdóttir. This is a story set in contemporary Iceland, focusing on the girl Rósa and her friends and family, their secrets, wishes and dreams. Underlaying conflicts and contrasts are dealt with, truth and lies, life and death as the characters try their best to find their way in a confusing world – not knowing what is awaiting around the corner. The main theme of the story is man’s search for love and happiness and the different forms this search can take on.

Frá ljósi til ljóss is the first book in a trilogy. The other two are Hjarta, tungl og bláir fuglar (Heart, Moon and Blue Birds) and Þegar stjarna hrapar (When a Star Falls). They were published in one volume in 2005 with the title Þrenningin (The Trilogy).