A Giant Love Story


A picture book, with illustrations by Brian Pilkington. Translated to English by Christopher Sanders.

From A Giant Love Story:

Flumbra waited until dark. Then off she lumbered to see her giant. She had to move quickly and get to his cave before sunrise or else she would turn to stone. Fortunately, it was wintertime, when the days are short and nights wonderfully long.
 Sweating and panting, she galloped across mountains and moors to meet her ugly giant. Lazy though he was, the minute he saw Flumbra, the giant couldn't help but be head over heels in love with her, too. They hugged and they kissed. They jumped on each other and rolled around together so that everything shook. The earth began to quake all the way down to the sea. Houses started to crack and crumble. Power lines snapped, and the lights went out.
 An earthquake! shouted the people as they ran out of their houses.