Innkaupalisti fyrir Kaupmannahöfn (A Shopping List for Copenhagen)


The book was published in 500 copies for the exhibition Humar og frægð (Lobster and Fame) in Copenhagen in the spring of 2004. This is a bilingual book in Icelandic and English, and it was only sold during this exhibition.

From Shopping List for Copenhagen:


Drop by at the souvenir ship at Amalienborg and pick up two postcards with pictures of King Frederik's study. Surely these postcards should be on the ten items list, these are things I intend to buy, but of course it's too late to add them now; I am not going to make it a Top Eleven! But regarding Amalienborg then the best time to visit is twelve o'clock noon, when you can see the toy soldiers marching across the square and play music which is just as shiny and elegant as the silver on the royal dining table. But anyway, these postcards I mentioned are a sort of panorama shaped, they're rather big, and one of them has a picture of King Frederik's desk, on which you can see his family portraits, pens and paper, and pipes, but the other card shows the whole study, it's brightly lit up by the sun through the windows and one can easily imagine that Frederik did feel at ease in this spacious room, surrounded by all the beautiful furniture and objects. The whole picture indicates that he was allowed to spend a good deal of time in private and that it's not very likely that he was seriously persecuted by other members of the family or the staff at the palace, at least not when he was alive, which is exactly why I have chosen to call my text Frederik IX the King of Denmark persecuted some thirty years after his death.

(pp. 13-14)