Poems in ICE-FLOE, International Poetry of the Far North

Anchorage, Alaska

The poems Þorpið milli hafs og himins (The Village Between the Ocean and the Sky), Steinsnar (A Stone's Throw) and Aðlögunarhæfni (Adaptability). ICE-FLOE (Vol. IV, No.2: 2003: 24-29).

From The Village Between the Ocean and the Sky

In this village the houses bear names
like Sea Joy, Sun Town and Spring Lagoon
And the people are named Thora,
Christian, John and Elizabeth

A sea grows beneath the house walls
by the name of Atlantic Ocean
but the sky above the low roofs
is higher than all the names that grow on earth

In the morning people go to work
in the freezing plant, school and nursing home
but in the evening they leave work,
clothes and bodies and dance
on star stones



And when beauty
will be only the makeup
on the faces of glamour girls

and God
will be only a stuffed specimen
at the Museum of Ancient Artifacts  
–  when truth
will be only a play

l will naturally
pour me a drink
and invite a girl
to the Museum of Ancient Artifacts
to take part in the play


trans. Hallberg Hallmundsson