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Gunnar Helgason


Gunnar Helgason was born in Reykjavík in 1965. Gunnar is a trained actor, he graduated from the Iceland Drama School in 1991 and has since worked as an actor, director and writer for stage and screen. Alongside Felix Bergsson, Gunnar took over the staple Icelandic kids' television program Stundin okkar (Our Time) during the years 1994-6. In the following years the duo wrote, performed and produced a wealth of dramatic and musical entertainment for children in various media. Gunnar managed the Lazy Town Live shows around the globe in 2008-10.

Gunnar's first children's book, Goggi og Grjóni (Goggi and Grjóni) was published in 1992. The sequel, Goggi og Grjóni: vel í sveit settir (Goggi and Grjóni: Farmed Out) followed in 1997. Since then, Gunnar has written several children's books, including the stories of footballer Jón Jónsson which started with Víti í Vestmannaeyjum (Penalty in Vestmannaeyjar, 2011). Gunnar received a special recognition from IBBY in Iceland for his contribution to children's culture, and received the Children's Literature Award three years in a row in 2013-2015. Gunnar was awarded the Icelandic Literature Prize in the category of children's and young adult literature for Mamma klikk! (Mom's Crazy!) in 2015.

Gunnar lives in Hafnarfjörður.

Publisher: Mál og menning.