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Sigurjón Magnason


Sigurjón Magnússon was born in Reykjavík on January 19th, 1955. He grew up in the west part of town where he went to school. He studied Icelandic and English at The University of Iceland. Sigurjón has done various jobs through the years, until becoming a full time writer in 1997. He taught at elementary- and secondary schools, worked in a home for recovering alcoholics and sold insurances, to name a few. In 1992 he founded the publishing house Ormstunga together with his brother-in-law Gísli Már Gíslason and worked there for some time.

Sigurjón Magnússon’s first published work is the novel Góða nótt, Silja (Good Night, Silja) from 1997 which won acclaim among both critics and readers. Since then he has sent forward six other novels, one of them an historical novel about the writer Kristmann Guðmundsson, Borgir og eyðimerkur (Cities and Deserts). His latest novel is Snjór í myrkri (Snow in Darkness), published in 2014. Góða nótt, Silja was published in a Swedish translation in 2000.

Sigurjón Magnússon lives in Kópavogur. He is married and has two children.

Publisher: Bjartur