The Haunting of Reykjavík

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The Haunting of Reykjavík

(Reimleikar í Reykjavík, 2013)

In The Haunting of Reykjavík, novelist and poet Steinar Bragi, known for pitting genres together and taking the psychological thriller to unexplored places, tries his hand at something very different.

In essence, this richly illustrated hardback is a travel manual that takes the reader on a tour of Reykjavík’s most haunted locations. In brief vignettes, Steinar Bragi retells Reykjavík’s most infamous ghost stories and traces the origins of the city’s many spectres, uncovering their tragic and ghoulish backstories. Based on dozens of interviews that Steinar Bragi conducted with Reykjavík’s senior residents, the ghost stories are retold through his effortless writing style and accompanied by photographs and illustrations that blend old and new scenes from the city’s history.

This chilly travel manual is best read on foot and is the ideal companion for visitors or locals that want to see a different side of Reykjavík.