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Nele Brönner Writer in Residence

Nele Brönner is a visual artist and writer from Berlin. She is a writer-in-residence in Gröndal‘s House in Reykjavík in September 2020, hosted by the Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature and Goethe-Institut Copenhagen. An exhibion of her art is open at the Reykjavik City Library in Tryggvagata from September 24 - October 12 during the library's opening hours. The title of the exhibition is Stories to Show. 

Nele Brönner was born in Marburg, Germany. She studied visual communications at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She still lives in Berlin and works as a children‘s book author and illustrator of children‘s books and comics. In 2015 she won the Serafina Prize for children‘s literature for her book Affenfalle and in 2019 she was awarded the Gold Medal of the prestigious book design competition by Stiftung Buchkunst for her book Begel. der Egel. Among her other books are Frosch Will Auch (2020), Zitronenkind (2020), also published in English as Lemonchild, Das Tigerei (2018) and the books Das Monströse and Affenfalle from 2015.

During her stay in Reykjavík, Nele works on her art in Gröndal‘s House, the former home  of writer and visual artist Benedikt Gröndal. You can follow her art and blog on her website www.nelebroenner.com.

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The exhibition at Reykjavik City Library is partly in the children's department on the 2nd floor and partly in the comics department on the 5th floor.  

Goethe Institute Copenhagen and the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature have for several years invited a German author for a residency stay in Reykjavík. It is a special pleasure to welcome Nele Brönner to our city during these difficult times when travel can not be taken for granted. Social restrictions have somewhat coloured her stay in Reykjavík but hopefully not the peace to work and the chance for an inspirational stay.