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Monday 9. May 2022

The German writer Matthias Jügler is writer in residence in Reykjavík in May, hosted by Goethe-Institut and Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature.

Friday 8. Apr 2022

Australian writer Ronnie Scott will be Reykjavík City of Literature‘s writer in residence in September 2022. He was selected out of over 100 applicants from UNESCO Cities of Literature around the... Meira

  • Þórarinn Eldjárn

    “Ingólfur is at the beach / his temper rough and solemn / to and fro he stomps but finds / not a single column. // He finds a ragged rubber shoe / green plastic floats and bone / but not his precious primaries / the columns of his throne.”

  • Pierwusza karta biblioteczna / Fyrsta bókasafnskortið
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