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Sigfús Bjartmarsson


Sigfús Bjartmarsson was born in Aðaldalur in Þingeyjasýsla South in the North of Iceland on July 19, 1955. He moved with his family to Reykjavík when he was four years old, but has spent much time in the north of the country. He studied history at the University of Iceland. Sigfús has travelled widely, around Central- and South America, to islands in the Carrebian ocean, The United States, Europe and the Middle-East. In between his travels he has done construction work and farming, among other things. In 1998 and 1999 Sigfús travelled throughout Central- and South America.

His travels have inspired Sigfús considerably. His first books of poetry, Út um lensportið (Out of the Scupper) from 1979 and Hlýja skugganna (The Warmth of the Shadows) from 1985, depict among other things images from his travels. His book, Sólskinsrútan er sein í kvöld (The Sunshine-bus is late this Evening), published in 2001, is based on his travels in Mexico and Guatemala. The book was nominated for the Icelandic Literature Award, as was his latest work, the poetry collection Andræði, in 2004. In 1999 Sigfús was awarded the DV Cultural Price in literature for his short story collection Vargatal (Raptorhood), a collection of stories about predators in Icelandic nature. Sigfús has also worked as a translator. Among his translations are works by the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges and the Mexican poet Octavio Paz.

Sigfús Bjartmarsson lives in Reykjavík.

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