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Margrét Tryggvadóttir


Margrét Tryggvadóttir was born in Kópavogur on the 20th of May, 1972. She is an author and a photo editor. Margrét has also worked on translations and as a freelance academic in the field of children’s books and children’s culture. Margrét finished her Bachelors degree in Comparative Literature from The University of Iceland in 1997 and a Masters degree in Cultural Management from Bifröst University in 2016. Margrét was a member of parliament (Alþingi) for Borgarahreyfingin (the Citizen’s Movement) from 2009-2013. She has also served on the board of The Writer’s Union of Iceland since 2017.  

Margrét’s first book was Sagan af undurfögru prinsessunni og hugrakka prinsinum hennar (The Story of the Beautiful Princess and Her Brave Prince), with illustrations by Halldór Baldursson, published in 2006. The book won The Icelandic Children’s Literature Prize the same year. 

Margrét’s first book for young adults was Sterk (Strong), published in 2021. That book received many accolades as well as receiving The Guðrún Helgadóttir Children’s Literature Prize. 

Margrét has also gained recognition for her other books, such as Íslandsbók barnanna (The Children's Book of Iceland) (2016), Reykjavík barnanna (The Children's Book of Reykjavík) (2021) and Kjarval-Málarinn sem fór sínar eigin leiðir (Kjarval-The Painter That Went His Own Way) (2020).