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Ragna Sigurðardóttir


Ragna Sigurðardóttir (Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir) was born in Reykjavík on August 10, 1962. She studied art at The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts and after graduation moved to Holland for further studies. For a while Ragna lived in Denmark, but has now moved back to Iceland where she works as a writer and artist.

Ragna published a small book in 1987 called Stefnumót (Date). Two years later she followed this debut with another book, Fallegri en flugeldar (More Beautiful than Fireworks) and again two years later the third book arrived, 27 herbergi (27 Rooms). Two of these books also contain art by the author. In 1993 she published the novel Borg (City), garnering considerable notice. The novel was nominated for the Icelandic Literature Prize the same year. Since then Ragna has published five novels, the most recent being Vinkonur (Friends) in 2016. Three years later she published a selection of short stories, Vetrargulrætur (Winter Carrots. In addittion to this, she has written articles for newspapers and magazines and has translated a number of novels, mostly from Dutch, but also English and Danish.  

Ragna Sigurðardóttir lives in Bessastaðahreppur, close to Reykjavík.

Publisher: Mál og menning.

Author photo: The Reykjavík Museum of Photography.