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  • Þetta veit ég / þetta ímynda ég mér

    International Poetry Reading

    On Wednesday, August 31st at 7 pm poets from Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Mexico will read from their work at the Nordic House. A chapbook with their texts will be published at the same time by NOXLit and the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature.
  • Rike Scheffler writer in residence

    German artist Rike Scheffler is writer in residence in Reykjavík in May 2021, hosted by the Goethe Institut and Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature. 
  • World Poetry Day 2021

    A grand total of 23 UNESCO Cities of Literature are participating in World Poetry Day 2021. Reykjavík is one of those cities and will feature both online and on site events. 
  • Laxness120

    Readers are invited to take part in the challenge Laxness120 by reading books by the Nobel Laureate and exercising from his date of death, February 8th, to his birthday on April 23, which is also the international day of the book. Laxness himself was known for taking daily walks around Gljúfrasteinn with his dog, enjoying nature and bird song and seeking inspiration from it. 
  • Ronnie Scott Writer in Residence

    Australian writer Ronnie Scott will be Reykjavík City of Literature‘s writer in residence in September 2022. He was selected out of over 100 applicants from UNESCO Cities of Literature around the world.
  • Matthias Jügler Writer-in-Residence

  • The New Year Celebrated with Poetry

    For the fifth year in a row, the new year in Reykjavík starts with live poetry readings. From the first twilight in the morning to the second twilight of the year 2022, between 10 am and 5 pm, poets will read in Gröndal's House, hosted by the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature. 
  • Reykjavíkurtjörn og Ráðhúsið

    Reykjavík Reads

    In October, the first Reading Festival will be held in the City of Literature, Reykjavík